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Congrats ! QINGLONG PCM Membrane Was Passed The Test From The Beijing Institute of Landscape Architecture!

Published: 2022-02-15 11:27Views:

Congratulations to Qinglong PCM Root Puncture Resistant Type Polymer Modified Asphalt Waterproofing Membrane, which has passed the test of the most authoritative Beijing Institute of Landscape Architecture in China.








QL-PCM Root Puncture Resistant-Type Polymer Modified Asphalt waterproofing membrane consists of high-grade asphalt in particular modification agent, import the root retarder to modification, block root, for high-strength fibre polyester tire body, surface coated with PE mucous membrane made of resistant to root type piercing modified asphalt waterproofing materials.


Product Features:

1. Technology is reliable, waterproof resistance root double-effect imported resistance agent resistance of modified asphalt system root, optimizing long fibre polyester tire body, form is given priority to with chemical resistance of root, root is complementary physical resistance of dual system, dual reliable waterproof resistance root.


2. Excellent performance, high tensile strength, high elongation, corrosion resistance, mildew resistance, good weather ability, good adaptability to basic shrinkage, deformation and cracking. Hot melt construction, cold and hot area can be applied, hot joint is more reliable and durable.


3. System health, and safety to the waterproofing and drainage plate storage of root, the geotextile collocation of waterproof system, solved the planting base dual requirement, waterproof and resistance to plant provides good drainage condition, storage system resistance to plant fertilization, ensure the healthy growth of plants.



All kinds of industrial and civil buildings, planting roof, planting roof, balcony, roof, wall, etc. Need to be resistant to plant root puncture.

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