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Qing Long Festival has kicked off in Cheng Du City

Published: 2023-02-22 09:42Views:

The Qinglong Festival has kicked off in Cheng Du City, It is leading the waterproof industry in the post-epidemic.

On February 21st, the second day of the second month of the lunar calendar, in Chinese the day with meaning of "the dragon raises its head", it is also known as the Qinglong Festival.



It is a traditional folk festival in China, and it is also an important festival for Qinglong people. In 2023, the "Qinglong Cup" Fifth National Building Leakage Remediation Excellent Engineering Case Evaluation and other Qing Long Promotion Carnival were grandly held in the West China International Expo City in Chengdu, Sichuan.


This event is the first Qinglong Festival after the after the epidemic. Although the downward pressure on real estate industry is still there, everyone is confidence in the recovery of the industry.

On how to grasp the trend, seize opportunities, improve skills, expand resources, and inherit the spirit of craftsman, the waterproof mending people held a brainstorming event to lead the industry to move forward healthily and lead the domestic waterproof industry.


Mr Song, chairman of Qinglong Company, first delivered an opening speech. He expressed his heartfelt thanks and warm welcome to the industry leaders, experts and scholars, contestants and industry friends who attended this Qinglong Festival.


Mr Song said that Qinglong can successfully hold several consecutive sessions, which is inseparable from everyone's full support. Song Dong also said that in the post-epidemic era, all industries will recover, and Qinglong hopes to bring everyone a bigger surprise and get the bigger market share together.


The Qinglong Festival waterproof leak repair competition is a high-level and high-standard industry event, and it is also a highlight of the Qinglong Festival. 


The content of the competition includes the evaluation of excellent engineering cases of national building leakage repair, flat roof (model) waterproof construction, toilet (model) waterproof and beautiful seam anti-brick system construction, color steel roof (model) and expansion joint (model) waterproof construction and theoretical examination.


Qinglong has nearly 2,000 dealers and distributors across the country, many of them which have achieved great success in their own areas and become the leader in local waterproofing and leak repairing. 

The executives of Qinglong Company not only personally told everyone about the practices and strategies in the practical business of waterproofing and leak repairing, but also guided successful agents and distributors to share their valuable experience with you.



In order to enrich the theme content of the Qinglong Festival, further optimize the viewing experience of the audience, and convey the cultural value of the Qinglong through on-site visits and learning, online answering questions, video marketing, and game interaction.


The "Crossing 12 Levels Challenge", which combines knowledge and fun, allows waterproof people who have been working hard all year round to unload their stress. The gifts included TVs, mobile phones and so on with discount coupons and other luxury gifts.


The first day of the Qinglong Festival was very popular, showing that Qinglong is leading the waterproof industry in the post-epidemic era. We hope that everyone will have a good harvest during the Qinglong Festival, Together to build a strong and high-strength team, and become the best waterproofing company!