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QL- Everywhere In One Waterproof Coating

  • Introduction:
    QL- Everywhere in One Waterproof Coating is made of imported raw ingredients which are refined by special equipment, to be made into a high-elastic two-components waterproof coating which is ideal for the drinking water reservoirs green environmental protection.
  • Product Features:
    1. When used, mix pre-polymer A and water curing agent B in a ratio of 1:0.2. It is a cured product which can be applied on damp surfaces.

    2. 100% environmental-friendly, non-toxic and odourless after curing, non-polluting. It is suitable for waterproofing of drinking water projects and children’s facilities.

    3. It has an up to 100% solid content, only a small amount is needed per unit area. Desired thickness can be achieved by one application.

    4. The coating has high tensile strength, good ductility and excellent adhesion. It is resistant to heat, cold, chemical erosion and aging. It can prevent mould effectively and retard fire.

    5. The original colour of the coating is blue. However, the colour can be customized to the user’s requirements for decorative purpose.

    6. It can be used as anti-leak after adding rubber powder; anti-slip layer after adding sand or insulation coating after adding light airy fillers.

    7. It is easy to use, labour-saving, time-saving, cost-saving and safe.
  • Application Range:
    1. Especially suitable for waterproofing of drinking water reservoirs and places with special environmental protection requirements, and it complies with VOC limit value;

    2. Overall waterproofing and moisture-proofing of roof, kitchen and bathroom, basement, exterior wall, floor, gutter, balcony, planter, swimming pool, cold store and etc;

    3. Repair of cracks in buildings, sealing of expansion joints;

    4. Protect various pipes against corrosion.

    Application Methods:
    1. Surface preparation: the surface must be firm, clean, and free of dust, oil, sand and water.  Defects such as cracks should be repaired first, internal and external corners to be made round;

    2. Stir the coating in the container thoroughly before use to prevent precipitation. Mix A and B using ratio 1:0.2 and apply the coating with a brush or scraper.

    3. The coating can be set in one application on horizontal surface. In order to prevent dripping, apply a very thin coat on vertical surface. After approximate 5-10 minutes (depending on the temperature of the site and the environment) the mixture is left in the container, apply another coat on the first layer based on the required thickness for the design. On that, the thickness required for the design is once applied to the base layer; it should be after 24 hours (when the first layer is non-sticky to feet). Walking on it is not allowed when it is not fully cured;

    4. Use 1:2.5 cement mortar with a thickness of 20mm or other materials as the protective layer, or expose it without a protective layer, the colour of the paint will change;

    5. Recommended consumption: 1.5kg/㎡~2.0kg/㎡ (thickness 1.2mm~1.8mm).

    Recommended Tools:
    Brush, spatula, float trowel, electronic mixer, mixing bucket  
    Technical Indicators:
    Experimental Project Technical Specifications
    Solid Content (%) ≥92 
     Tack-free time (h) 12
     Hard drying time (h) 24
    Tensile Strength (MPa) ≥2
    Elongation of Break (%) ≥500