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Timing for Residue Cleanup After Applying Ideal Sealant

Published: 2023-12-22 09:55Views:

The construction of fine joints is a delicate task that requires attention to many details. For many beginners, several issues can be confusing when constructing fine seams, such as how long it should take to clean up the remaining material after constructing fine seams. This issue will be discussed in more detail below.


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Before the construction of the joints, depending on the type of tile, you can choose between waxing, the application of textured 

paper, or the direct application of glue. As a result, there will be some differences in the amount of time it will take to clean up the 

remaining grout material.


1. Beautiful seams with direct adhesive:

For beautiful seams that are glued directly to the ceramic tiles, you can press the seams after applying the beautiful seams grout. Once the joints are pressed, you can wait for the sealant to cure.


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Generally, it takes about a day for the grout to fully cure. When the remaining material has hardened slightly, you can try scraping off a small section first. If it scrapes cleanly and there is no residue on either side of the gap, the rest of the caulk can be scraped off. When cleaning the remaining grout, take care not to scratch the surface of the ceramic tiles.


2. Textured paper ceramic tiles:

For ceramic tiles with rough and textured surfaces, textured paper is usually applied before caulking. 

Masking paper can prevent excess grout from sticking to the tiles and make it easier to clean up the remaining material.


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After approximately 30 minutes of grouting and caulking, the masking paper can be removed. Over time, the sealant will harden more and the masking paper will become more difficult to remove. It is therefore important to remove the masking paper as soon as possible.

3. Ceramic tiles with joint wax:

Another method is to use grout wax, which can isolate the grout from the ceramic tiles, making it easier to clean the grout. 

When using caulking wax, you must wait for the grout to set completely before cleaning the rest of the material.


pngtree-conclusion-opinion-rubber-rectangular-vector-picture-image_9659182.pngIn conclusion: Apart from the use of textured paper, in the other two cases you need to wait for the sealant to set completely before cleaning the remaining material. But don't wait too long. The sealant will harden gradually over time and its adhesion will also strengthen. If you wait too long, the sealant will become hard and difficult to clean.