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QL- Touch and Durable Hydrogels

  • Introduction:
    QL-Touch and Durable Hydrogels adopts unique curing technique, which has low viscosity, strong adhesion, excellent penetration and water-locking ability. The gel has low hydraulic conductivity and contains durability properties that are not available in common materials.

    It is the perfect gel type grouting material for environment which is subjected to underground long-term humidity or long-term water immersion.
  • Product Features
    1. Strong penetration: Low viscosity, able to penetrate crack with width of 0.1mm. A material with excellent grouting ability.

    2. Excellent resistance against leakage: The hydraulic conductivity of the gel is lower than 1.0 x 10 – 7cm/s, hence it is not easy for water to penetrate the grouted structure.

    3. High expansion rate: Good elasticity, hydro-expansive. It can expand twice under dry and wet conditions without affecting the gel performance.

    4. Stable physics-chemical properties: Super long-lasting, resistant to chemical properties, suitable for long-term usage in underground structure.

    5. Strong bonding: Strong adhesion on concrete surface. It has greater bonding strength than the gel. Hence, when the gel is damaged, the adhesion remains intact.

    6. Safe and eco-friendly: Non-toxic, non-corrosive, safe and eco-friendly.
  • Application Range
    1. Suitable for anti-seepage and anti-leakage treatment for underground structure and basement, kitchen, toilet and bathroom, interior and exterior walls.

    2. Anti-seepage, plugging, anti-leakage and waterproofing treatment grout for concrete cracks, expansion joints, settlement joint, rock structure.

    3. Plugging and grouting for crack seepage prevention projects of building structures with permanent water pressure, such as tunnels, bridges, subways, water dams, harbours, civil air defence projects.

Mixing procedure:
1. Mixing of liquid A:
a. Mix liquid component A with liquid components A1, stir until well-combined.

2. Mixing of liquid B:
a.  Mix powder component B1 with 18kg of water and stir to mix well.

b. Consult the manufacturer for special retardant B2 if the curing time needs to be extended. According to the curing time, add moderate number of components B2 into the above well mixed liquid (component B1 + water), stir until well-combined.

3.  Final configuration of QL-Tough and Durable Hydrogels:
a. Mix liquid A and liquid B using a ratio of 1:1 in terms of weight.

    • Technical Specifications
      Standard: JC/T 2037 -2010
      Physical Properties of Grouting 
      Experimental Project
      Technical Requirement
      Particle-free homogeneous liquid
      Density/ (g/cm3)
      Manufacturer control value ± 0.05
      Viscosity/ (mPa x s)
      ≤ 10
      pH value
      6.0 – 9.0

       Physical Properties of Cured Product 
      Experimental Project
      Technical Requirement
      I type
      II type
      Hydraulic conductivity/ (cm/s)
      < 1.0 X 10-6
      < 1.0 X 10-7
      Compressible strength of cured sand mixture/ kPa
      ≥ 200
      ≥ 400
      Anti-compression and anti-damage gradient
      ≥ 300
      ≥ 600
      Hydro-expansiveness/ %
      ≥ 30