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QL-NO.1 Smash-Free Brick Penetration Waterproof Liquid

  • Introduction:
    QL-NO.1 Smash-Free Brick Penetration waterproof liquid is composed of high permeability low molecular organic salt and powder accelerator, which is a new type of water-based reactive plugging material.

    QL-NO.1 Smash-Free Brick Penetration waterproof liquid into the tile seam, and has sufficient time to fill and block the poses and capillary channels in the mortar, and then react quickly to form a water-insoluble high molecular gel with a certain strength to achieve rapid plugging effect. It is low cost, no noise and no pollution, and is the preferred material for smash-free brick leakage repair.

  • Product Features:
    1. It is colourless, odourless, non-toxic and non-corrosive.

    2. Don’t smash bricks, no stitching, don’t grouting, does not change the colour of ceramic tile.

    3. Simple construction, high permeability, solid bonding with foundation, long-lasting governance.

    4. Excellent gelatinization, rapid formation of gel and close the pore tightly.
  • Application Range:
    Water-seepage and water leakage phenomenon in the bathroom, kitchen, balcony, swimming pool, fish pond, etc.

Application Methods:
1. Clean up the construction area, remove extraneous items and clean the tile seams with a crack-cleaning hook knife.

2. Remove the floor drain, and then use plastic bags to plug up the floor drain and use adhesive tape to seal it until the water stops leaking (The floor drain must be plug first, so as not to block the sewer). If the toilet bowl is squatting type, we need to use cardboard or foam board to cut the shape similar to the squatting pan and seal it with adhesive tape, so as to prevent the slurry from flowing into the squatting pan and cause the sewer to be blocked. If the position of the kitchen bathroom door is lower than 2cm high, please use a foam board to make a 3cm high dam at the door to prevent the material from flowing out.

Noted: the floor drain and squatting pan must be sealed tightly before using Qinglong No.1 Smash-free Brick Penetration Waterproof Liquid to construct.

Squatting Pan
Seal the Squatting Pan

Floor Drain

Seal the Floor Drain

3. Pour the coagulant into the main agent and stir it well, then add 30% water and stir it again for 1-2 minutes until completely mixed evenly. A group of Qinglong No.1 Smash-free Brick Penetration Waterproof Liquid can be used to treat about 4marea.

4. Qinglong No.1 Smash-free Brick Penetration Waterproof Liquid will be poured into the area which will be repaired. Then the broom will be swept continuously in the repair area for 10 minutes. It is necessary to ensure that all parts are soaked with Qinglong No.1 Smash-free Brick Penetration Waterproof Liquid with the immersion depth of about 5mm, so that Qinglong No.1 Smash-free Brick Penetration Waterproof Liquid can fully penetrate under the tiles. After about 2 hours, the solution is completely solidified, we can clean the solidified material on the brick’s surface. (The specific curing time depends on the temperature during construction).

5. After cleaning the solidified solution on the surface of the ceramic tile, you can do closed water experiment or start to use it.

6. If the conditions permit, it is better to stop using the leaking area 3-5 days before the construction.