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QL- Liquid Core Fibres

  • Introduction:
    The QL- Liquid Core Fibres and targeted self-healing waterproof coating is an adhesive formed by combining copolymer emulsion and various additives. It is produced by using the liquid core fibre technology for self-repair of cracks. After the coating forms a waterproof layer, it can automatically detect, repair and heal cracks which appear in either wet or dry condition or under pressure.
  • Product Features:
    1. Cracks in waterproof layer are automatically detected and repaired:
    a. Using liquid core fibres technology, it can automatically detect and repair the cracks in the waterproof layer.

    b. The coating is anti-cracking, has excellent flexibility and extensibility, outstanding resistance to shrinkage.

    c. The repairing ability of the coating is unaffected by dry and wet conditions. It is firm and durable and it has excellent resistance to water and corrosion.

    2. Simple application and cost saving:
    a. It can be directly applied on both dry and damp surfaces.

    b. It is used for detection and self-repairs of cracks, thus it can reduce the cost of grouting.

    c. Non-toxic, harmless, non-polluting, deodorizing and environmentally friendly materials.
  • Application Range:
    1. Waterproofing, moisture-proofing of floors, walls in bathrooms, kitchens, balconies and etc.;

    2. Underground buildings and green roofs, especially those with abundant water sources, such as basement floors and external walls;

    3. Underground projects of civil and industrial building and waterproofing of municipal projects, bridges, subways, dams and etc.

Application Methods:
1. Base treatment: the surface should be firm, flat, and free of sharp angles, oil and water. Repair and flatten the concave and damaged areas.

2. Materials: Prepare the liquid material and powder using a ratio of 1:1 and mix them well;

3. Additional waterproofing layer: Internal and external corners, the bottom of the tube and etc. should be painted several times (2-4 times), and underground works should be inserted with a layer of reinforcement material;

4. Large-surface waterproofing application: The waterproof coating should be thinly painted several times. Recommended thickness of the coating is to be 1.5mm. After the coating is cured, apply another layer. Preferable thickness of each coating is 0.4-0.5mm. It is suggested not to add water or use less water when apply the product on vertical surface so as to prevent it from dripping.

5. After the coating is completed, it needs to be cured. Once the result is satisfactory and protection is made, preceding process can be carried out.

6. Application of 1.0mm coating in thickness requires about 1.7kg/m2 of the material.

    • Technical Indicators:
      Experimental ProjectTechnical Specifications
      Tensile Strength /MPa≥1.2
      Elongation at Break/ %≥200
      Impervious to Water (0.3MPa, 30min)
      Impervious to Water
      Adhesion Strength/ MPa0.5