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QL- Concrete 1

  • Introduction:
    QL-Concrete 1 is a super-permeable crystallized waterproofing agent which incorporates nano-scale inorganic silicate for concrete curing, repairing and strengthening. It is a new patented technology product developed by QingLong Company for water seepage control.
  • Product Features:
    1. It is especially suitable for slow permeability maintenance of the surfaces not in contact with water. It can be directly sprayed on wet base surfaces;

    2. It has high permeability and is modified to improve the strength, compactness and weathering resistance of concrete;

    3. Permanent crystallization reaction with the free base in concrete, no rebound, long-lasting and effective;

    4. After spraying Concrete No.1 on the new concrete, it can effectively prevent early water loss, partial drying and cracking;

    5. It is a water-based inorganic material, colourless, odourless, non-toxic, safe and environmental-friendly.
  • Applicable Range:
    1. Waterproofing and seepage control for surfaces of concrete buildings and structures in contact or not in contact with water;

    2. Waterproofing and sealing treatment of interior and exterior wall cement plastering layers in construction projects;

    3. Other waterproofing projects which use cement as main material, use according to the mechanism of the small openings and capillary channels of the sealed base layer;

    4. It is especially suitable for slow-seepage control of surfaces away from water, such as basement, tunnel, pool and other anti-seepage maintenance (with Concrete No.2 or Concrete No.3 for better surface treatment).

Application Methods:
For Spraying Tips:
1. Cleaning of surface: Ensure that the surface is clean, free of oil and water, cracks and other defects can be repaired by QL- Fast Leakage Fix;

2. The first layer: Spray Concrete No.1 directly on the concrete surface and ensure a uniform coverage of all sides;

3. The second layer: Spray Concrete No.1 for the second time after the first layer has dried;

4. Wet treatment: When the second layer is dry, spray water on it and keep the surface moist for 24 hours, clean the white precipitate on the surface thereafter (you may skip the wet treatment step if used with C2 or QL-No3. Spray C2 or QL-No3 right after completing the coating of C1).

**Recommended consumption: about 0.2~0.5L/㎡ according to the concrete compactness, 0.25L/㎡ under normal conditions.

For Mixing Tips:
1. Cleaning of Surface: Ensure that the surface is clean, free of oil and water; cracks and other defects can be repaired by QL- Fast leakage Fix.

2. Mixing mortar: (Cement: Sand: Concrete No. 1: water = 1:1 ~ 1.5: 0.03: 0.35 ~ 0.4) mix it as needed;

3. Spread the mixed mortar evenly over the concrete surface and press it tightly;

4. When used for cracks repair, chisel the cracks into a “V” shape and fill it with the mixed mortar.

Recommended Tools:
Brush, spatula, float trowel, electronic mixer, mixing bucket