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QL- Concrete 2

  • Introduction:
    QL- C2 is made of water-based polymers, curing agent and a variety of additives which comprises a waterproof, corrosion resistant, environmental-friendly reinforcement material with high permeability.

    QL Concrete No 2 is a new patented product jointly developed by QINGLONG Company and foreign research institutes.
  • Product Features:
    1. It can cure under humid conditions.

    2. C2 has superior resistance to water, acid and alkali. It can effectively prevent corrosion of reinforcing steel bars in concretes.

    3. It has high permeability and can quickly seep through mortars or concretes to a depth of 3~5mm via the capillary tracts, forming a compact seal that enhances the impermeability of the concrete.

    4. Strengthening, toughening and anti-corrosion. Spraying this product can prevent the concrete surfaces from dusting and the concrete strength will increase by more than 15%. In the meantime, it can also resist most corrosion created by acid and alkali.

    5. Wide range of uses. It can be used for repair of fine cracks in concretes and surface treatment of different materials.

    6. Water-based materials, it is an environmental-friendly product, no pollution, easy to use, can be applied with a brush, spray and roller.
  • Application Range:
    1. Waterproof sealing and reinforcement for surfaces of concrete building and structures in contact or not in contact with water.

    2. Sealant, anti-leakage and reinforcement for cement plaster layer.

    3. It is especially suitable for repair of cracks in concrete structures, reinforcement of loose surfaces, and seepage control for surfaces in contact and nor in contact with water.

    4. It can effectively prevent the corrosion of seawater on concrete.

    5. Can be used as interface treatment agent.
    Application Methods:
    1. Cleaning of surface: Remove the loose parts, clean the surface of the concrete structure, ensure that it is free of dust, oil and water;

    2. Mixing materials: Mix A:B = 10:1, stir thoroughly until it becomes milky white;

    3. The first layer: Use a brush to evenly spread the mixture on the clean surface;

    4. The second layer: After the first layer has solidified for half an hour, spread the mixture on the surface evenly;

    5. Proceed to the next step after 1 hour of spreading.

    Dilute it with water using a ratio of 1:0.5 for spraying.

    **Recommended Consumption: About 0.2~0.5kg/㎡ according to the concrete compactness, 0.25kg/㎡ under normal conditions.

    Recommended tools:
    Brush, spatula, float trowel, electronic mixer, mixing bucket