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QL- Home Use Waterproof Membrane

    Fulfilling our ideas of low-carbon operations, QL- Home Use Waterproof Membrane is a green product specially designed for the home waterproofing. When bonded with structural concrete surface, it can form a closely-sealed, highly extensible, functional and thin protective layer.
  • Product Features:
    1. Green and environmentally friendly. Strict control of all kinds of toxic and hazardous substances throughout the manufacturing process.

    2. Superior self-adhesion. QL- Home Use Waterproof Membrane has super strong adhesion at room temperature. It can be fully bonded with clean and dry cement base and effectively prevent hollowing and infiltration.

    3. Unique “self-healing” function. It can self-heal small cracks or if punctured by nails or other sharp objects, ensuring the integrity of the membrane systems.

    4. Excellent extensibility. QL- Home Use Waterproof Membrane has strong adaptability for expansion, cracking or deformation of the base, thus can reduce water leakage to a certain extent.

    5. Outstanding heat resistance. The high-reflectivity and the high-temperature resistance of the membrane can effectively lower surface temperature when exposed to sunlight. It can also reduce room temperature and prevent blistering of the membrane effectively.

    6. Ease of application. If the base surface is wet or slightly uneven, it can be installed by wet application (polymer slurry application).
  • Application Range:
    1. Waterproofing and moisture-proofing of bathroom, balcony, kitchen and etc;

    2. Waterproofing of roofs, basements and pools;

    3. Waterproof and sealing of various wall pipes and concrete cracks.

Application Methods:
1. Cleaning and moisturization of the base: Clean the dust and debris off the base surface with a broom or shovel. Internal corner should be made round with a radius of 50mm or above. The dry base surface must be sprinkled with water beforehand and no excess water should be left on it;

2. Reinforcement treatment: Use this product or paint as a reinforcement layer of joints;

Installation Methods:
(I) Dry Application:
The base surface must be flat, clean, dry, and the moisture content <8%. After cleaning the base surface, remove the separator film on the back the waterproof membrane, paste it on the dry base surface. The membrane is self-adhesive and has a width of 8 to 10cm.

(II) Wet Application:
1. Apply the concrete slurry: Pre-mix the concrete slurry using a water-cement ratio of 0.3 to 0.4. the thickness of the cement slurry applied on the base depends on the flatness of the base surface (generally 1-3mm). Compact and screed the concrete slurry well while applying.

2. Paste the waterproof membrane on large surfaces: Remove the separator film on the back of the waterproof membrane. Lay the waterproof membrane on the base which is coated with cement slurry. The membrane is self-adhesive and the width of the overlapping parts should comply with the design requirements or regulatory standards;

3.Vibrating and tapping: Tap the surface of the membrane with a wooden trowel or rubber float to remove bubbles beneath the membrane, so it can adhere tightly to the cement.

4. Overlap and adhesion of long and short edges: Remove the separator film for the overlapping parts, use a small roller to roll over the overlapping parts to remove bubbles so it can adhere firmly to the surfaces;

5. Curing for 3 to 4 days (varies according to the curing temperature), remove the separator film on the surface of the membrane and lay the tile directly on it.