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RQ303- Waterproof Latex Polymer Cement Mortar

  • Introduction:
    QL- RQ303 is a waterproof latex polymer cement mortar which is made by polymer building emulsion adding various additives. Mixed into the cement mortar can form a unique toughness of composite network structure, greatly enhance the crack resistance, impermeability capacity of cement mortar, due to the different types of polymer emulsion, the product is divided to A, B, C three types.
  • Product Features:
    1. Multiplied the bond strength of cement mortar, good impermeability, crack resistance, impact resistance, high and low temperature resistance, good alkali-resistance.

    2. Non-toxic, harmless, environmentally friendly.
  • Applications:
    1. Engineering for external walls, roof, toilet, bathroom pool, basements, tunnels, dams, subway etc.

    2. Particularly applicable for porous materials such as aerated concrete, hollow brick, etc.

1. Main materials and requirements:
a. cement: pc32.5
b. sand: sand or fine sand

2. Preparation:
a. Prepare cement paste: latex usage: 0.1kg/ m2.
b. Waterproof mortar preparation:
A type: latex: cement: sand: water= 0.14:1: 2: 0.38
B type: latex: cement: sand: water= 0.25:1:2: 0.28
C type: latex: cement: sand= 0.5: 1.2

3. Construction:
a. Substrate should be sound, clean, no dust, no grease, etc

b. Construction of waterproof mortar:
- Coat cement paste on the substrate firstly to increase the bond strength.

- After the cement paste is not sticking hand, coat the mixed cement mortar with trowel. The thickness is: external walls: 3-5mm; basement / pool: 5-8mm.

- Wet conservation after construction within 24hours.
    • Technical Index:
      Standard: JC/T984-2011
      The experimental project Technical indicators
      Appearance Grey silty powder, no visible lumps
      Use time after mixing water 2~3 hour
      Compressive strength ≥ 15.0 MPa
      Flexural strength ≥ 4.0 MPa
      Impermeable strength 1.5mm thickness film sample ≥ 0.3 MPa
      Bonding strength ≥ 1.0 MPa