Qinglong Waterproofing Malaysia
Polyurethane waterproof

OT801- Exterior Wall Transparent Waterproof Coating

  • Introduction:
    QL-OT801 is a special polymer emulsion as base, adding synthetic rubber latex modified agent, surface active agent, plasticizer and other refined polymer flexible transparent colourless exterior wall waterproof coating.
  • Product Features:
    1. The colorless, transparent and coated will not destroy the decorative effect of the original wall, but will not appear yellow, dust and other phenomena.

    2. Heat resistance, UV resistance, ozone resistance, acid and alkali resistance, wide range of temperature adjustment.

    3. The film has a better film, soft and tenacity.

    4. It is a kind of environmental protection product with water as a dispersing medium, which is not combustible, non-toxic, tasteless and pollution-free.

    5. Cold construction, safe operation, easy construction, direct spraying, painting, brush, scraping on the wall.

    6. The membrane has microporous permeability, which can be applied to the heat evaporation of humid climate in the south.

    7.They are cheap and cheap.
  • Applications:
    1. Waterproofing and patching of external walls of various buildings.

    2. Applied to the waterproof treatment of various finishing materials.

    3. All kinds of interior decoration material surface waterproof, moisture-proof.

1. The base surface cleans, with cleanser, wire brush, dishcloth, as far as possible clean the
walls of the wall, but do not destroy the original surface gloss.

2. Use the brush to apply the transparent waterproof glue to the wall, the veneer brick joint, the brush should be very careful.

3. The brush should be brushed for 2~3 times, the coating should be done once again after coating, and the brush direction should be crisscrossed.

4. In the construction process, such as the viscosity is too large, can be diluted with water, but the amount of water should be as little as possible.

      Technical Index:
      Standard: Q/ZSQL 01-2014
      The experimental project Technical indicators
      Appearance Clear, sticky liquid
      Solid content 50+2%
      Heat resistance 80+2°C, 5 hours, no change
      Low temperature flexible -20°C, qualify
      Elongation ≥ 400%
      Fracture tensile strength 0.4 ~ 0.8 MPa
      The permeability resistance 0.3MPa, 30min waterproofing
      Bonding strength ≥ 1.0MPa
      Table dry time 1 hour