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Why Ceramic Tile Sealer is important to Tile?

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In the beginning, we used white cement to finish caulking our tile joints. But with time, under the influence of the surrounding environment, it is often easy to become dirty, black and moldy.


So there is a hooking agent. It is a modified version of white cement, the main ingredient still is white cement, but add quartz powder, so that the strength becomes higher. But still not waterproof, especially in the kitchen and bathroom, there will still be yellowing and mold.


In this case, the Ceramic Tile Sealer was born seal. The ceramic sealer consists of acrylic resin and pigment. The early version of ceramic sealer is only one-component. After extrusion, it reacts with the moisture in the air and volatilizes to shrink and harden. The single-component is easy to cause depression and fall off, the stability is very poor, and very soft, not easy to form. 


Two-component ceramic tile sealer is the main product in the current caulking market. Ingredients are mainly epoxy resin and curing agent, also known as porcelain agent, real porcelain adhesive, etc.. 

Epoxy resin and curing agent are packed in two bottles, extruded after the full mixing reaction, curing molding, not shrinkage, not volatile, elongation, very easy to clean, waterproof and anti-mold properties are very good.

Main features of seam sealant

1,  All-in-one, hard as porcelain, waterproof, mildew-proof, color not turn to black, stain-resistant, acid- and alkali-resistant, aging-resistant, oil-resistant.


2, the color is novel, integrating the elements of the times, showing elegant, luxurious, rich temperament, showing a subtle sense of silky light, unique flavor.


3, convenient construction, glue gun construction, can be filled with no collapse, no shrinkage, a molding, easy and fast, suitable for family DIY operation, cost savings.


4, for wall construction without the ingredient will not falling, to ensure the aesthetic expression of product design.

5, high toughness, the level of shrinkage and tile are match, not cracking, to solve the problem of low toughness, shrinkage cracking, more extended use of time, once and for all.

Seam color is the colorful and diverse, the decorator and the owner can choose the most suitable one according to the color of the tile.


How to choose a seam sealant?

Seam color is colorful and diverse, the decorator and the owner can choose the most suitable one according to the color of the tile.

 1, Similar Color

If the color card of the seam sealant has a similar color to the floor or wall tile, it is recommended to choose a seam sealant close to the color of the tile, so it will look more uniform and simple, with a more harmonious visual sense. It is recommended that the color of the seam is lighter than the color of the tiles so that lines are not too obvious.


 ▲According to the color of the floor or wall tiles, choose a seam sealer with a similar color to the brick s urface, so that the choice is simple and the effect is uniform.

 2, Contrast Color

If your tile color is special, can not find a similar sealer color, you can also choose the color of the seam with a greater contrast with the tile color, and then combined with other soft furnishings in the space to embelish the decoration, as long as the overall space with the harmonious, seam allowance color and floor tile different effect. 


Floor or wall tiles with special color and no similar color of ceramic tile sealer, you can choose white or contrast color.