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What Causes Ceramic Tiles to Fall Off?

Published: 2023-05-16 11:21Views:

What causes ceramic tiles to fall off? Many people are unaware of the real reasons!

After a few years of renovation, it is common to encounter situations where the ceramic tiles on the bathroom walls start to fall off. What exactly causes the tiles to come off? How should one handle the situation when tiles fall off?

First, why do bathroom wall tiles fall off?


1.    Quality issues with the tiles: The water absorption rate of tiles should not exceed 18%, but many tiles have a water absorption rate of 20% or even higher, exceeding the standard.

2.    Poor substrate preparation: If the base surface is too smooth and dry before installing the tiles, it can cause the base to quickly release moisture

3.    Low temperature during installation: Temperature can affect the curing effect of materials like cement.

4.    Improper construction techniques: Poor quality of adhesive mortar, incorrect mixing ratio during construction


 Second, how to prevent tiles from falling off?


1.    Carefully select tiles: Choose qualified tiles and clean them thoroughly before use after soaking them.

2.    During the construction process:

(1) The mortar used for tile installation should be full-bodied. However, using too much mortar can make it difficult to achieve a flat surface. If excessive force is applied, the excess water in the mortar may accumulate at the bottom of the tile or overflow, resulting in hollow areas after water absorption.


(2) During tile installation, strive for proper alignment and avoid excessive movement, especially after the mortar has absorbed water.


(3) Pay attention to grouting: Use a 1:1 cement mortar for grouting. The sand should be sieved through a window screen. The grouting should be done in two stages. The first stage involves using regular cement mortar for grouting, while the second stage meets the design requirements.


(4) Due to the inability to accurately adjust the ratio of cement and sand during the construction of buildings by developers, combined with the decline in cement quality, lightweight wall surfaces may experience the shedding of sand and gravel after thorough drying.

Third, how to deal with fallen tiles?


1.    If only the tiles have fallen off, you can scrape off all the mortar from the tiles. Then, add an appropriate amount of cement to the 107 adhesive and mix it into a paste. Apply a thin layer of the paste to the back of the tile and press it onto the previously tiled wall. After a while, it will adhere firmly.

2.    If both the tiles and mortar have fallen off, which can occur during the tiling process, first create small indentations in the area where the tiles have fallen off on the wall. Then, use mortar mixed with 107 adhesive to reattach the tiles. Press the tiles firmly against the wall, and after a short period of time for the mortar to partially harden, remove your hand.