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Case Study: The Problem of Industrial Park Roof Leakage

Published: 2023-05-08 10:54Views:

Leakage situation in the project

The technology industrial park is located in Henglan, Zhongshan, Guangdong. It is fully leased to a lighting factory and is mainly used for the research, production, and office functions of lighting products.


It consists of three multi-story buildings with a total construction area of over 20,000 square meters. After more than a year of use, various parts of the roof, floor, and exterior walls have experienced different degrees of leakage.


The roof leakage is the most prominent issue, and even moderate rainfall causes water to leak through the roof. There are multiple cracks at the roof pipe penetrations, leading to severe water leakage. The interior walls have damp and moldy wall surfaces, with some peeling off. Prolonged rainfall can cause moisture and leakage in the interior walls.



Analysis of the Causes of Project Leakage

Analysis of Floor Leakage Causes:

1.    The concrete used for the floor did not meet the designated specifications, or it was not properly compacted, resulting in voids and affecting the strength of the concrete, leading to potential cracks in the future.

2.    Non-uniform settlement of the building leading to multiple cracks on the roof.

3.    Aging and loss of effectiveness of waterproofing materials used on the roof.

4.    Expansion and contraction due to weather conditions causing cracks and resulting in water leakage.

Analysis of Exterior Wall Leakage Causes:

1.    Insufficient density in the construction of the exterior wall, leading to cracking and water seepage.

2.    Prolonged exposure of the exterior wall to sunlight and rainwater, combined with the effects of thermal expansion and contraction, causing expansion and cracking. Rainwater can leak through these cracks.

3.    Another possible cause is the premature painting of the wall surface before it has completely dried. If the wall surface is exposed to high temperatures, it can also lead to cracking and subsequent exterior wall leakage.

4.    Lastly, it could be a matter of material quality. If inadequate waterproofing and painting materials were used during construction, it can result in cracks on the wall surface.

Engineering Maintenance Plan

After on-site inspection and following the principles of "adapting to local conditions, prevention as the main approach, combining prevention and drainage, and comprehensive management," the following materials have been designed as the main maintenance materials.

For the roof, the plan includes using Qinglong injection grouting reinforcement and waterproofing with colored roof waterproof adhesive (gray).


For the floor, Qinglong injection grouting is used along the seams, and a combination of leakage-blocking adhesive and hydrophilic adhesive with water repellent properties will be applied.


For the exterior walls, Qinglong transparent waterproof adhesive will be applied.

For pipe penetrations, the plan involves applying Qinglong reinforcement and waterproofing adhesive followed by Qinglong universal waterproof adhesive.


For more details about the maintenance steps please contact us +60 7-509 0986.