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Qinglong's Decade of Triumph: A Majestic Odyssey in Malaysia

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In the wake of our nation's visionary "Belt and Road" initiative, both state-owned enterprises and private entities, both local and global, have eagerly responded, combining their diverse strengths to form a formidable force, ready to take on the unprecedented opportunities and challenges of this "epochal transformation". Strategically located in the international trade and transportation hub, Qinglong Company wisely seized the millennial opportunity of these shifting tides.


2015: Entry into Malaysia market

In 2015, Qinglong expanded into Malaysia, setting up a branch there and winning a bid for a waterproofing project in Golden Bay, Country Garden Malaysia.


The Golden Bay project marked the first overseas collaboration between Qinglong and Country Garden, showcasing the effective use of Qinglong's polyurethane waterproof coatings and earning the Malaysian branch a commendation for its meticulous construction.

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2017: Participation in Forest City Waterproof Project

In 2017, Qinglong was actively involved in several waterproofing projects in Malaysia, including the Forest City and Central Park projects. The superior performance of Qinglong's waterproofing materials and the precision of the overseas team's construction earned praise from the Country Garden Group.

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Country Garden Group awarded Qinglong the prestigious title of "2017 Excellent Supplier of Country Garden Group" in recognition of Qinglong's dedicated efforts.

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 2018: Malaysian Factory Established

To refine Qinglong's material supply services and provide quality waterproofing materials, Qinglong Malaysia Factory was established and expanded in 2018.

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In August 2019, Qinglong's first overseas agency opened in Johor Bahru, strategically located in a high-traffic area. The agency's redesign, in line with local cultural preferences, aims to increase customer conversion rates.

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2019: Grand Opening of the First Malaysia Agent

On August 7, 2019, Qinglong celebrated the grand opening of its first overseas agent in Johor Bahru, Malaysia, strategically located in a high-traffic transportation hub. The packaging of waterproof materials was thoughtfully redesigned to align with local cultural preferences, promoting better customer engagement. The store's design, blending global standards with local elements, aimed to resonate with the community.

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The opening ceremony was graced by esteemed figures, including Qiu Peihua, Chairman of the Shenzhen Waterproof Industry Association, Xian Yongbiao, Deputy Chairman of the China Construction Waterproof Association, along with Qinglong's Chairman Song, Marketing Director He, and Fuzhou agent Lin. This event marks another successful milestone for the Qinglong brand in the global market.

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2019: The first Malaysia Qinglong Cup took place

On August 7, 2019, coinciding with the opening of Qinglong's first overseas agent, the premiere of the Malaysia Qinglong Cup Waterproof Practical Competition took place. This event underscored Qinglong's dedicated efforts in domestic home waterproofing, while also signaling the launch of a new era in globalizing waterproof repair techniques.

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Chairman Song, alongside President Qiu and Vice President Xian, personally assumed the role of judges, providing scores and guiding Malaysian participants in mastering waterproofing techniques.Simultaneously, the Malaysia Qinglong Cup received acclaim from several prominent local figures in Malaysia.

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2020: Emperor Star Hotel Waterproofing Project Secured

In 2020, Qinglong successfully secured multiple significant projects in Malaysia, including well-known ventures such as Genting 1, Melaka's Emperor Star Hotel, and the lakeside city's waterproofing projects. As a leading provider of waterproof solutions in the industry, Qinglong consistently earns a steady stream of orders, leveraging its outstanding technical expertise and extensive experience.

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Genting 1, located in Malaysia's picturesque region, will benefit from Qinglong's efficient and reliable waterproofing system to ensure long-term excellence in building waterproof performance. For Melaka's iconic Emperor Star Hotel, Qinglong will tailor an innovative waterproofing solution, guaranteeing durability and safety. In the lakeside city project, Qinglong will employ advanced waterproofing technology to provide reliable waterproof protection for the city's infrastructure, contributing a solid foundation for urban development.

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This series of successful bids highlights Qinglong's professional strength and excellent service in the Malaysian waterproofing market, actively contributing to the sustainable development of Malaysia's construction industry


2021: Market penetration through offline outlets

In 2021, Qinglong expanded its presence in Malaysia by opening waterproof specialty stores in Kuala Lumpur, Melaka, and East Malaysia's Sabah. 

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These stores offer convenient and professional waterproof solutions, catering to local needs. Equipped with expert teams, they aim to enhance building protection in humid climates. This strategic move strengthens Qinglong's communication with customers, promoting advanced waterproof technology in Malaysia's construction industry and serving as a successful model for expansion in other Southeast Asian markets

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2022: Winning the Nine Dragons Paper Mill Waterproof Coating Tender

In 2022, Qinglong Company secured a major waterproofing contract, winning the bid for the waterproof coating project at Jiulong Paper Mill. This collaboration provides effective waterproof protection for the manufacturing facility. Jiulong Paper Mill, a leading industry player, choosing to partner with Qinglong, highlights Qinglong's excellent technology and reliable reputation in waterproofing.

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Qinglong Company will supply advanced waterproof coatings to safeguard Jiulong Paper Mill's production facilities in humid conditions. This partnership aims to enhance building structures' water resistance, extend equipment lifespan, and reduce maintenance costs, creating a more stable foundation for Jiulong Paper Mill's production.

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2023: Triumph at Kuala Lumpur International Building Materials Exhibition

Participating in the 2023 Kuala Lumpur International Building Materials Exhibition, Qinglong showcased its cutting-edge waterproofing technology, receiving enthusiastic response and consolidating its brand position in the Asian market.

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2023: Qinglong Secures Lake City Phase 2 Waterproofing Project in 2023

In 2023, Qinglong joyfully secured the Lakeside City Phase 2 waterproofing project, once again setting a benchmark in the industry. This success not only reaffirms Qinglong's quality and services but also highly recognizes its exceptional management team and technological innovation.

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The Lakeside City Phase 2 project represents a more extensive urban development, involving larger-scale buildings and infrastructure with higher technical requirements. Leveraging its outstanding performance in the Phase 1 project, Qinglong has earned the trust of clients, becoming a crucial partner for furthering collaborative efforts in this grand urban development.

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Qinglong's journey has been one of remarkable growth and achievement, from its establishment in Malaysia in 2015 to the present day. Looking ahead, Qinglong remains steadfast in its commitment to innovation and quality. It strives to provide advanced and reliable waterproofing solutions to the Malaysian construction industry. The upcoming "Qinglong Cup" and the Waterproof Promotion Festival in Malaysia in March 2024 promise to be a platform for industry professionals to witness Qinglong's overseas journey and collectively contribute to the growth and transformation of the industry.