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First Overseas Celebration of Qinglong Festival: Waterproof Warriors Reach New Heights!

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The 11th of March 2024, the second day of the second lunar month, is the traditional festival of Long Tai Tou (the dragon raises its head). In the Year of the Blue Dragon, the Qinglong Festival symbolizes the dragon's rise and the beginning of new journeys, indicating that everything will go well and all encounters will be auspicious.

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On this auspicious occasion, the "Qinglong Cup" 6th National Building Waterproofing Excellent Project Case Evaluation and the 7th Qinglong Waterproofing Promotion Carnival were held for the first time overseas in Singapore and Malaysia. Qinglong people from China and abroad gathered to celebrate this grand event.


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The Qinglong Festival has been held for six sessions, and the significant breakthrough of the 7th session this year is that it is the first time this grand event has been moved overseas. These waterproof bosses of Qinglong are ambitious in their wealth dreams! This move not only marks the success of Qinglong Waterproofing in the domestic market but represents its increasingly strong international influence. It is an active attempt by Qinglong to demonstrate confidence and achieve shared prosperity in the global market.


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At the opening ceremony of the Qinglong Festival, Chairman Song Dunqing, General Manager Zhang Ke, Marketing Director He Jinlong of Industrial Uniform, Northern Region Marketing Director Shi Zong, Southern Region Marketing Director Li Zong, Enterprise Management Training Coach Wang Wenke, Manager Hu of Qinglong Malaysia Branch, and others from Qinglong, as well as Qinglong agents, distributors from home and abroad, Vice Chairman/Member Department Director Huang Jiaping of Shenzhen Waterproofing Industry Association, industry experts, academics and association leaders from Singapore and Malaysia.



Manager Hu, Head of the Qinglong Malaysia Branch, welcomed the guests as the host. He shared the development history of the Malaysian branch and allowed the guests to deepen their understanding of Qinglong in the Malaysian market.


Mr. He Jinlong, Marketing Director of Industrial Uniforms, explained the marketing policy for promoting industrial uniforms and the breakthrough in technical sealing. He pointed out that Qinglong has always focused on engineering quality and customer satisfaction, not only providing efficient waterproofing products but also committed to providing comprehensive solutions for customers. The Qinglong Festival is a rare opportunity for everyone.

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Shi Zong, Marketing Director of the Northern Region, shared the marketing policies and development plans for home decoration. He emphasized the importance of waterproofing in home decoration, and Qinglong has been actively innovating in the field of home decoration waterproofing and providing reliable waterproofing products and services to consumers.

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General Manager Zhang Ke shared Qinglong's experience and strategies for breaking market saturation with new quality productivity. He explained that as well as constantly striving for technical R&D, Qinglong also breaks traditional patterns through marketing strategies, bringing a new competitive edge to the home waterproofing market.

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Point out the importance of corporate culture in Qinglong's development, Qinglong's management training coach, Wang Wenke, shared the company's philosophy of safety, value, and Qinglong. He pointed out that the exploration of existing markets and the optimization of service concepts will bring new opportunities and dynamism to the customers.

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Finally, Chairman Song Dunqing shared the development of the theme "Qinglong gains position, plan three-tenths ". He said that amid complex market competition, as long as one focuses on the three key aspects of product, service, and training, one can successfully obtain the remaining seventy percent and stand undefeated in competing in the market.

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Case Sharing, learning from master buildersgiphy (2).gif


The innovative and outstanding building repair case-sharing competition attracted elite professionals from the construction industry across the country to share their solutions and experiences in waterproofing repair. Representatives such as Zhou from Qingyuan, Guangdong, began by sharing an impressive lift shaft repair plan. She explained the challenges of repairing lift shafts and how Qinglong's products and technology were used to achieve an efficient and reliable repair, ensuring the safety of the residents.

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Mr Xie, from You County, Hunan, shared a successful case study of the repair of leaks in a flat roof in a residential area. He highlighted the outstanding technology and quality service of Qinglong's distinctive products in the field of flat roof waterproofing. This solved the customer's roof leakage problem and fulfilled Qinglong's promise of waterproofing.

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Representative Xue from Shenzhen, Guangdong presented an exterior wall repair case to demonstrate the effectiveness of Qinglong's transparent adhesive. He highlighted the stable and excellent performance of Qinglong's transparent adhesive, setting a good example for exterior wall repair.


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Yu from Jimo, Shandong, shared a case of leakage repair for a shipping company and explained in detail the advantages of Qinglong products in the sealing of expansion joints. He also shared a unique solution to ship leakage problems, which was praised by all.

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Finally, Zhang from Jining, Shandong, presented a case of water leakage repair in a hospital lift shaft. He highlighted the professionalism and efficiency of Qinglong's products.

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The cases of waterproofing repairs presented by the participants are common challenges in their business, but they present certain difficulties. They shared a multifaceted approach, from site investigation, causes of leaks, remedial design, equipment selection, construction methods and maintenance, to the management of complex waterproofing issues. The site managers and guests provided insightful comments and the audience asked enthusiastic questions, creating a lively and exciting atmosphere for the Excellence in Retrofitting Case Competition.


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Experience exchange, learning from new elite models giphy (2).gif


Many of Qinglong's partners have achieved remarkable success in their respective fields and have become leaders in the field of waterproofing repair. At the experience-sharing session, they enthusiastically shared their successful experiences and strategies in the waterproofing repair practice with the Qinglong staff, thus helping more partners in different regions to achieve success.


Nicholas, a distributor from Malaysia, shared deep insights into the Malaysian waterproofing market. He pointed out that Qinglong has always upheld the concept of high quality and efficiency in the Malaysian market, and has won the trust and support of many customers through its continuous innovation and adaptation to the demands of the market. Especially in terms of word-of-mouth, which has been built up through Country Garden's many projects, they are far ahead of their domestic counterparts.

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Lai, a distributor from Longyan, Fujian, shared his first-hand experience of promoting the "universal glue". He explained the unique advantages of this waterproofing material and described it as the ultimate weapon in the field of waterproofing. Lai said that as long as we maintain confidence and adhere to principles, we can make significant profits from this single product.

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Zhang, a distributor from Jining, Shandong, emphasized the concept of "agree, share, and win". He believes that only by establishing a common ideology and sharing industry experience can we achieve mutual success. Zhang emphasized that managing our brand with care and avoiding impatience will surely lead to substantial returns.

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Tu, a distributor from Lu'an, Anhui, shared experiences in building and nurturing a sales channel. She said that even in small county-level cities, there are significant markets that can be tapped, with the key being to build a solid channel system and deepen the relationship with customers. Tu Haiyan stressed Qinglong's commitment to providing comprehensive support to distributors and working together to promote the healthy development of channeling.


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Zhuang, a distributor from Hunan, shared their successful experience in small district towns. He believes that small county towns have huge market potential, as long as we understand the market demands and make reasonable marketing strategies, the goal of developing larger markets in small county towns can be reached. Zhuang said: "Qinglong has always provided full support in terms of products, services, etc., enabling them to achieve significant results in small county town markets.

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Award ceremony for promotion of advanced standardsgiphy (2).gif


In gratitude to the Qinglong community for their enthusiastic support of this Qinglong Festival, a grand and splendid appreciation banquet, and an inspiring award ceremony were held after the meeting.

The entire Qinglong Festival was brought to a climax by the delicious food and splendid literary performances that made each guest feel warm and touched.

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The award ceremony was memorable, as the outstanding participants of the Waterproofing Repair Case Competition received awards, and several outstanding industrial partners received awards, such as the Outstanding Industrial Dealer of 2023, Outstanding Qinglong Malaysia Dealer, and Outstanding Do-it-yourself Dealer.


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In the evening, the award ceremony at the appreciation banquet brought the Qinglong Festival to another climax. In the cheerful atmosphere, Qinglong family members shared their experiences and past honors. Amidst toasts and laughter, they sang the passionate song of Qinglong, keeping the excitement alive.


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The grand overseas Qinglong Festival is the first demonstration of the growing self-confidence and brand strength of the Qinglong people. It not only provides a rare opportunity for the vast Qinglong community. It also contributes to the healthy development of waterproofing repair technologies at home and abroad. In the year of the Qinglong Festival, with Qinglong taking its position and planning three-tenths, all the good things of the Qinglong Year 2024 will become a reality.

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