Qinglong Waterproofing Malaysia
Polyurethane waterproof

CQ103- High-Elastic Acrylic Waterproof Coating

  • Introduction:
    QL- CQ103 use advanced foreign technology, pure acrylic polymer emulsion as based materials, with other additives to make single component water-latex waterproof coating.
  • Product Features:
    1. Applicable for damp substrate, non-odour, with water as the dispersion medium, non-toxic, non-pollution, an environmentally-friendly products.

    2. Single-component, cold work, can use brush, roller, spray, scratch etc to coat.

    3. Good anti-aging, extensibility, flexibility, adhesion and film-forming.

    4. Particularly applicable to special-shaped structure, can be used as protective layer to beautify the asphalt rubber waterproof layer.
  • Application:
    Roof, basement, washroom, bathroom, walls of industrial and civil construction, can also be used as adhesion, binder or external decoration.

1. The substrate must be clean, no dust, no grease, no moisture. Cracks and other defects should be repaired. The internal and external angels should be arc.

Basic system→ priming layer→ below layer→ non-woven doth layer → mid layer→ top layer.
**Reference usage: 3.0KG/m

2. Coating essentials:
a. With roller or brush, according to the selected method.

b. Once coating (especially the base material), it should be mixed evenly.

c. Coat as evenly as possible, avoiding sediment.

d. Before coating a second layer, be sure the previous one won’t stick hands.

e. Coat according to the reference usage, don't be too thick or thin.
    • Technical Index:
      Standard: JC/T864-2008
      The experimental project Technical indicators
      Type 1 Type 2
      Solid content ≥ 65%
      Impermeability pressure ≥ 1.0 MPa ≥ 1.5 MPa
      Elongation ≥ 300% 300%
      Cold bending Diameter 10mm,    -10°C, no cracking Diameter 10mm,    -10°C, no cracking
      Water tightness(0.3MPa, 120min) waterproof