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Polyurethane waterproof

CQ107- Non-Tar Polyurethane Waterproof Coating

  • Introduction:
    QL- CQ107 polyurethane waterproof coating is a bi-component water curing coating. A material is pre-polymer, B material is water-curing component, mix A and B according to mixing rate and coat. After water curing, it will form an elastic waterproof film.
  • Product Features:
    1. Coating is with high elasticity, high strength, high& low temperature resistance, anti-corrosive.

    2. Film is seamless.
  • Applications:
    Waterproofing for roofs, washroom, basement, pools, etc.

1. The substrate must be clean, dry and sound.

2. Strictly mix: A and B mix in offered rate, beat up evenly until it turns black.

3. Layer construction: usually coat twice. The thickness is around 1.0mm. After the previous layer is dry, coat In Perpendicular direction.
    • Technical Index:
      Standard: GB/T 19250-2013
      The experimental project Technical indicators Type 1
      Solid content ≥ 92%
      Tensile strength ≥2.0 Mpa
      Elongation ≥ 500%
      Cold bending -35°C, no cracking
      Water tightness (0.3MPa, 120min) waterproof