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CQ102- Polymer Architectural Waterproof Rubber Latex

  • Introduction:
    QL- CQ102 Polymer Architectural Waterproof coating is one of synthetic latex, which is using imported polymer as its main material, then with a variety of additives.
  • Product Features:
    1. Non-toxic and odour, environmentally friendly.

    2. High bond and tensile strength.

    3. High anti-seepage, anti-cracking, alkali-resistance, high & low temperature resistance.

    4. Adding pigments, it can be made as decorative colour layers.
  • Applications:
    1. Especially suitable for aerated concrete, hollow brick masonry and other new porous materials.

    2. Roof, basement, washroom, bathroom, kitchen, walls of Industrial and civil construction.

    3. Storage pool, swimming pool and tanks.

1. The substrate must be clean, no dust, no grease, no seepage. Cracks and other defects should be repaired. The internal and external angels should be arc.

2. Mixing: according to the construction consumption, rubber latex and cement is mixed up with the weight rate of A: B=l.08. Mixed evenly and non-aggregate.

3. Coat evenly on the substrate, often do for 2-3 times to meet the required thickness. Before coating a second layer, be sure the previous one won’t stick hands.
    • Technical Index:
      Standard: GB/T 23445-2009
      The experimental project Technical indicators
      Tensile strength ≥ 1.8 MPa
      Elongation ≥ 80%
      Water tightness (0.3MPa, 120min) waterproof
      Bonding strength ≥ 0.7 MPa