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Shenzhen, Kaisa City Plaza

Published: 2022-01-05 11:33Views:

Kaisa City Plaza is located in Banxuegang Science and Technology City, Shenzhen. It is planned to cover an area of approximately 300,000 square meters with a construction area of approximately 1.8 million square meters.



The project integrates residential buildings, five-star hotels, super Grade A office buildings, commercial apartments, and super large commercial malls. It is located in Banxuegang Science and Technology City, the dual-core hinterland of Dongjin Beituo, Shenzhen. It enjoys government support of hundreds of billions of dollars and has three verticals and fours. Horizontal and three-dimensional transportation network to create a one-stop family fashion life experience urban complex.


Qinglong Company has successfully undertaken the waterproofing project. The parts include basement roof, bathroom floor, planting roof, underground garage sump, overhead floor, with a total waterproof area of more than 60,000 square meters, using Qinglong PCM Reaction Sticky Wet-Paste Waterproof Membrane and QL-CQ104- Pure Single Component Moisture- Curing Polyurethane. Due to the remarkable waterproof effect of the project, it has been well received by the general contractor and the leaders of Kaisa.